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Abstract submission

Instructions for authors

Each keynote presentation is for 50 minutes  + 10 minutes for discussion.  Please finish promptly to allow time for meaningful discussion.

Each invited presentation is for 25 minutes + 5 minutes for discussion.  Again, please be sure to finish promptly for the same reason.

Each contributed oral presentation is for 25 minutes + 5 minutes for discussion.  Again, please finish promptly.

Every poster presentation may be introduced in a very brief 3 minutes oral introduction.  These will be in special poster oral summary sessions.

Technical instructions for oral presentations:

Please use either  .PPT files (Microsoft Office PowerPoint 97-2003 format) or else .PDF  files (please do not bring any .pptx files).
It will be possible to use personal laptops (both Macintosh and PC).
Should you wish to show a video, please contact the technician in the lecture hall during one of the breaks before your presentation to check it in advance.

Technical instructions for posters:

Oral introductions.
Posters are an extremely important part of the SCCS conferences.  In order to raise their profile we are initiating at this conference two special poster oral summary sessions which will give each presenter of a poster the opportunity of verbally introducing their poster to all participants.
There will be very strictly applied restrictions.  A maximum of precisely three minutes for each introduction.  A maximum of precisely 3 slides in .PDF format on a memory stick.
Please contact the technician at the registration desk no later than the day before your poster oral summary session.

Poster sessions.
Posters should be prepared for standard A/0 size boards (84 x 119 cm - 1 sq. m).
All necessary equipment and tools (pins, adhesive tape, scissors) to mount your poster will be provided.

We invite you to submit an abstract to SCCS 2011 Budapest. Please submit abstracts online through our web site. Confirmation of receipt will be sent by e-mail as abstracts are received. You may also read details on the topic areas.

Abstract should be submitted in rtf format. PDF and TEX format are provided to avoid visibility problems.

Poster abstract submission deadline extended to July 1.

Poster preparation

The posters should be prepared for standard standing A/0 size
(84 x 119 cm - 1 sqm)

RTF template Download template in RTF format
PDF template Download template in PDF format
TEX template Download template in TEX format